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St. Mary

Date: December 1961

Volume: 36

Issue: 398

Ballycotton, Co. Cork. At 3.15 on the afternoon of the 21st August, 1961, the coxswain received a message from Ballycotton lighthouse that a motor fishing vessel had broken down and was drifting about a mile and a half east-by- north of the...

Fishing Boats (1)

Date: March 1963

Volume: 37

Issue: 403

SEVEN FISHING BOATS ESCORTED TO HARBOUR Whitby, Yorkshire. On the afternoon of the 9th November, 1962, anxiety was felt for the safety of local fishing boats which were still at sea, and at 1.20 it was decided to launch the life-boat. At...

None (10)

Date: March 1964

Volume: 38

Issue: 407

MATERNITY NEEDS At 11 p.m. on 28th December, 1963, the local doctor informed the honorary secretary that a maternity patient needed to be taken to hospital on the mainland.

There was a strong south-easterly breeze with a...

Fishing Cobles (2)

Date: June 1936

Volume: 30

Issue: 326

Holy Island, Northumberland.—On the morning of the 20th February the coastguard reported that the sea was very rough, and breaking on the harbour bar. As seven of the local fishing cobles were at sea, the motor life-boat Milburn was launched...

Venus, Easter Morn, Provider, Gallilee, Endeavour and Success

Date: March 1937

Volume: 30

Issue: 329

Whitby, Yorkshire.-—At noon on the 5th December a strong N.W. breeze was blowing, with a very heavy ground sea, and seas were breaking heavily outside the harbour entrance, making it very dangerous for the local motor fishing boatsfishing...

William R Selwood Ltd

Date: Winter 1976

Volume: 44

Issue: 455

Instant pump SPATE 3"&4" induced flow UNIVERSAL MARINE PUMPS at work throughout the shipping world Lightweight - Portable - Glandless - Dry running Self priming - Independently driven Marine applications include Tank cleaning *...

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Sir Alec Rose Who Opened Newhaven

Date: Winter 1981

Volume: 47

Issue: 475

Sir Alec Rose, who opened Newhaven branch fete in July, inspects one of the afternoon's exhibits, a model48ft 6in Solent class lifeboat made by Shoreline member Geoff Mellett. Although living in South London, Geoff is always willing to... - View image in PDF

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Three Boys

Date: June 1968

Volume: 41

Issue: 424

Ballycotton, Co. Cork - At 3.15 p.m.

on 9th January, 1968, the coxswain was informed that the local fishing boat Three Boys with a crew of twowas in difficulties in Ballycotton bay.

The life-boat Ethel...

Success (1)

Date: September 1967

Volume: 40

Issue: 421

At 9.20 p.m. on loth May, 1967, a red flare was reported to have been seen half a mile off Pakefield rifle range. The lifeboat Frederick Edward Crick slipped her moorings at 9.30 in a fresh easterly wind and a choppy sea. The tide was...

the Victory and the Merlin

Date: June 1966

Volume: 39

Issue: 416

Stromness, Orkneys. At 2.20 p.m.

on 29th December, 1965, the honorary secretary expressed his concern about two local fishing vessels, the Victory and the Merlin, whose arrival from the fishing grounds was overdue. The life...