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Britannia (1)

Date: 1939

Volume: War Years

Issue: 1939

DEC. 20TH. - FLAMBOROUGH, YORKS H I R E . D u r i n g t h e m o r n i n g a s t r o n g E.N.E. wind was blowing, increasing at times to gale force. A heavy sea was running. The local fishing coble Britannia was at sea, and anxiety was felt...

Cobles North Star, Chrystalite, Sceptre, Evelyn Margaret, Thankful, Premier

Date: 1942

Volume: War Years

Issue: 1942

J ANUARY 2 9 T H . - SCARBOROUGH, YORKSHIRE. During the morning nine local fishing vessels were out and as a strong easterly wind had got up, with a rough sea, the motor life-boat Herbert Joy II was launched at 10.30 A.M. She escorted the...

Foresters 135 Challenge

Date: Summer 2009

Volume: 61

Issue: 588

The Foresters society celebrates its 135th year in 2009, and has chosen to support the RNLI, setting a fundraising target of £135,000.

Foresters provides financial products like insurance policies and savings plans...

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Mary Johns

Date: November 1901

Volume: 18

Issue: 202

At about 1 a.m. on the 9th April, the Coastguard reported that rockets were being fired from the Tongue Light- Vessel ; the crew of the Life-boat Civil Service No. 1 were thereupon summoned and the boat was as soon as possible launched. The...

The S.S. Amiral Aube (1)

Date: November 1899

Volume: 17

Issue: 194


—A message was received at Walton-onthe- Naze by telephone from the Gunfleet Lighthouse, on the morning of the 14th January, stating that a steamer was flying signals of distress 2J miles S,E...

The S.S. Warren Grove (2)

Date: December 1948

Volume: 32

Issue: 348

Arbroath, Broughty Ferry, and Montrose, Angus.—At 12.50 in the afternoon of the 10th of November, 1948, the Arbroath coastguard telephoned the Arbroath life-boat station that the S.S. El Ciervo, of London, had reported that she had picked...

The S.S. Ardgantock

Date: June 1954

Volume: 33

Issue: 368

Yarmouth, and Bembridge, Isle of Wight.—At 7.1 on the morning of the 13th of February, 1954, the S.S.

Ardgantock, of Greenock, wirelessed that she was listing badly and was in danger of foundering twelve miles west-by-...

Sibiria (1)

Date: February 1917

Volume: 23

Issue: 262

A Magnificent Group of Services.

19th~21st November, 1916.

SELDOM, if ever, has there been concentrated within three days of Life-boat work a more splendid series of achievements than those which are...


Date: Autumn 2004

Volume: 59

Issue: 570

A Willowbrook reclines, relaxes, lifts and massages...

Endorsed by Harley Street Orthopaedic Consultant ...all at the A Willowbrook powered recliner combines day-long comfort, elegance and style, while the optional massage...

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Date: 2016

Volume: 61

Issue: 616 Lifeboat Magazine Summer 2016

When a swimmer drew close to a pier at a Dorset beach, lifeguards moved quickly to warn him of the dangers – but they soon found he needed more than advice

The waters off Boscombe beach looked deceptively calm on 5 May....

Category: Articles