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Royal favour

Date: Summer 2012

Volume: 61

Issue: 600 Lifeboat Magazine Summer 2012

Sixty years ago, when HM The Queen succeeded her father, she became the eighth sovereign to take on the role of RNLI Patron. For nearly 200 years, successive kings, queens and consorts have acted as figurehead for the...

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The Royal Life-Boat Matinee

Date: February 1929

Volume: 27

Issue: 297

THE second annual Life-boat Matinee at the Lyceum Theatre, organised by the Central London Women's Committee of the Ladies' Life-boat Guild, was held on the llth December, and realised £992 after all expenses had been...

Category: Articles

Notes of the Quarter By Patrick Howarth

Date: Summer 1977

Volume: 45

Issue: 461

THE RNLI'S ASSOCIATION with the Queen's Jubilee and with activities of the Royal Family during the Jubilee summer were widespread and colourful. On July 14 the Queen named the new Hartlepool lifeboat The Scout. This was the first...

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Ahoy there!

Date: 2011

Volume: 61

Issue: 595 Lifeboat Magazine Spring 2011

Q What do a gallantry medallist, a member of the Royal Family and a soap star have in common?
A They are all former members of Storm Force!

There’s one...

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The Sunderland Life-Boat Platform. By A. W. Lewis, The Consulting Engineer of the Institution

Date: November 1920

Volume: 24

Issue: 271

Ix common with Their Majesties the King and Queen, and other members of the Royal Family, H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught has always been a warm sympathiser with the work of the Institution, and, in the midst of many national duties, he has...

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Books for Spring

Date: Spring 2016

Volume: 61

Issue: 615 Lifeboat Magazine Spring 2016

For the young adventurer

School Ship Tobermory by Alexander McCall Smith Twins Ben and Fee MacTavish, who are nearly 13, are all set to join the school ship Tobermory, where youngsters from all over the world learn to...

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Notes of the Quarter

Date: October 1972

Volume: 42

Issue: 441

IT is NOW possible to become a member of the Royal National Life-boat Institution. Up to now anyone interested could become a member of a branch or guild of the R.N.L.I., a governor of the Institution, an honorary vice-president, or a member...

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Our President's New Office. Master of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets

Date: February 1928

Volume: 27

Issue: 293

By George F. Shee, M.A., ALL who are connected in any way with the Life-boat Service will have read with special pleasure the announcement which was made on 14th February, that the King had decided to make a personal link between the...

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Why Does She Get Launched?

Date: April 1972

Volume: 42

Issue: 439

WHY does she get launched ? A ship, that is.

In other words, why, really, is a ship always a she, and why is she invariably launched with ceremony and usually the traditional bottle of champagne ? Here are the answers,...

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Additional Stations and New Life-Boats

Date: November 1902

Volume: 18

Issue: 206

BEMBRIDGE, ISLE OF WIGHT.—The inauguration of the Queen Victoria new Life-boat on this station, a description of which was given in the last number of The Life-boat Journal (pp. 528-9), took place on the 23rd August in the presence of a...

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