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Gold Badge Awardees

Date: Spring 1987

Volume: 50

Issue: 500

Gold Badge awardees (Continued from page 160) Mrs J. G. Sweeney Honorary secretary Donegal branch since 1963; awarded silver badge 1974. - Mr E. J. Sage Assistant branch honorary secretary Southend station branch from 1952 to 1966, secretary...

Category: Awards

Naming Ceremony: Fleetwood

Date: Summer 1976

Volume: 44

Issue: 457

The naming of Lady of Lancashire FLEETWOOD'S NEW 44' WAVENEY LIFEBOAT by HRH The Duke of Kent PRESIDENT OF THE RNLIA LARGE CROWD lined the seafront at Fleetwood to see HRH The Duke of Kent name the new lifeboat. The early evening sun...

Category: Inaugurations


Date: 2016

Volume: 61

Issue: 616 Lifeboat Magazine Summer 2016

Sir William Hillary, founder of the RNLI, believed that sea rescue was ‘a cause which extends from the palace to the cottage ... and which addresses itself with equal force to all the best feelings of every class in the state.’ So began our... - View image in PDF

Category: Photographs

Two Royal Naming Ceremonies

Date: Spring 1951

Volume: 33

Issue: 358

H.R.H. THE DUCHESS OF KENT, Presi- dent of the Royal National Life-boat Institution recently named two new motor life-boats; one in March and one in May. The first, on March 29th, was at New Brighton, to whose station a 52-foot Barnett...

Category: Inaugurations

Life-Boat Saturday Fund

Date: August 1901

Volume: 18

Issue: 201

THE Central Committee of the Life-boat Saturday Fund are to be congratulated on the admirable zeal and praiseworthy enthusiasm with which the local Life- boat Saturday Committees and Ladies' Auxiliaries have every where, apparently, been...

Category: Articles

Jubilee Review (Continuedfrom Page 55)

Date: Summer 1977

Volume: 45

Issue: 461

(continuedfrom page 55) training ships Royalist, Sir Winston Churchill and Malcolm Miller, with merchant ships to the south and naval ships stretching away into the distant east. All morning a steady stream was sailing past Calshot as little...

Category: Articles

Bless this boatAs

Date: Winter 2008

Volume: 61

Issue: 586

‘The Cromer lifeboat station has such a great history and we are proud to be carrying it on,’ Paul said afterwards.

‘Although the Lester has been in use for several months and we all know the name, the naming ceremony is...

Category: Articles

The Life-Boat Service In 1930

Date: February 1931

Volume: 28

Issue: 305

THE LIFE-BOAT FLEET Motor Life-boats, 91 :: Pulling & Sailing Life-boats, 100 LIVES RESCUED from the foundation of the Institution in 1824 to February 28th, 1931 62,533 The Life-boat Service in 1930.


Category: Articles

The "Life-Boat Saturday" Movement

Date: August 1895

Volume: 16

Issue: 177

ALL friends of the Life-boat cause will be gratified at the announcement that H.B.H.

the DUKE or YORK, our sailor prince, who has for several years been a Vice-Patron of the Institution, has now graciously accepted the...

Category: Articles

Royal Summer

Date: Summer 1975

Volume: 44

Issue: 453

'THE PLEASURE of your company' is a phrase so often used that we rarely listen to the words themselves; but when members of the royal family honour the lifeboat service with their company everyone knows the days will not only be...

Category: Inaugurations