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A Willowbrook reclines, relaxes, lifts and massages...

Endorsed by Harley Street Orthopaedic Consultant ...all at the A Willowbrook powered recliner combines day-long comfort, elegance and style, while the optional massage therapy system can make a real difference to sufferers of: Arthritic Pain • Rheumatic Pain • Back Pain Stress & Tension • Stroke • Poor Circulation Multiple Sclerosis • Swollen Legs • Poor Mobility and many other ailments.

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Acknowledged as probably the best recliners made in the UK today, they are recommended by the medical profession and have proved to be indispensable to sufferers of numerous medical conditions.

To enter the Prize Draw, simply fill in and return the freepost entry form below (no stamp required) or call our freephone hotline.

Closing date for entries is 1st March 2005.

Complete and post in an envelope to: Free Recliner Prize Draw, Lfa*c' Willowbrook, FREEPOST SWC24S8, Droitwich WR9 OBR Please send me a brochure and enter me in your Prize Draw to win a Willowbrook Powered Recline Mr/Mrs/Ms J Daytime Tel. including STD Code: Don't forget to include four phone number w we an (onuet ) ou II you1" " ""iky winmri Address Postcode.