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Awards presented by HM King Constantine

BRONZE MEDALS FOR GALLANTRY Former Port St Mary crew member Rick Tomlinson, Lough Swilly On 16 April 1991 photographer Rick Tomlinson was taking publicity shots of the Lough Swilly D class lifeboat from his rigid inflatable when a fishing vessel lost power in severe weather at the entrance to the lough. The Force 7 to 8 winds and 15ft-20ft seas were beyond the operational limits of the D class, which remained in the lee of a headland. Rick Tomlinson and his crew passed a tow to the fishing boat and eased her to safety.

A full account of the service appeared in THE LIFEBOAT, Autumn 1991 issue.

Helmsman John Hartland, Withernsea On 15 May 1991 Withernsea's D class inflatable was launched to the aid of a 24ft yacht in a Force 7 wind and 15ft seas. One of the two men aboard the yacht was complaining of fumes from the engine and was taken off in very rough conditions. The remaining crew had very little sailing experience and a crew member was put aboard to take charge, remained there while the yacht was towed to Grimsby by Humber lifeboat.

A full account of this service appeared in THE LIFEBOAT, Spring 1992 issue.

Helmsman David Wells, Clacton-on-Sea Clacton's Atlantic 21 was launched to a grounded yacht on 1 November 1991.

The Atlantic put a crew member aboard in breaking seas and towed the casualty off. While returning to station a crew member was washed overboard, and recovered despite the conditions.

A full account of this service appears in this issue of THE LIFEBOAT.

Coxswain Frank Smith, Salcombe On 8 January 1992 Salcombe's Tyne class lifeboat towed a large coaster clear of a lee shore in winds of up to Force 9, maintaining sufficient sea room so that a tug could take over the tow.

A full account of this service appears in this issue of THE LIFEBOAT.

Helmsman Peter Hodge Redcar Redcar's Atlantic 21 lifeboat rescued two walkers and their dog cut off by the tide on 19 January 1992. The lifeboat went into breaking surf before veering down, engulfed by breaking waves. A line was swum ashore and the casualties taken aboard.

A full account of this service appears in this issue of THE LIFEBOAT.

Coxswain Kieran Cotter Baltimore Baltimore's Tyne class lifeboat was a way from her station for more than 26 hours in winds up to Storm Force 10 on 30 and 31 October 1991, towing a 120ft fishing vessel to safety from a lee shore.

Returning to station a crew member was injured and the lifeboat was called to a yacht in difficulties, towing her to safety.

A full account of this service appears in this issue of THE LIFEBOAT.

PRESENTATIONS TO VOLUNTARY WORKERS HONORARY LIFE GOVERNOR Mrs J. Rose Portrush Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Committee Member 1945-1948.

Ilford Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Founder and Secretary 1948-1968: Heworth Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Founder and Chairman 1968 to date.

Mrs J. M. Allam BEM Weston-super-Mare Financial Branch: Assistant Souvenir Secretary 1951-1966, Souvenir Secretary 1966 to date.

Mr C. A. Baxter Kilkeel Branch: Honorary Secretary 1957-1988, President 1988 to date.

Mr C. J. Morehouse Southend Station Branch: Executive Branch Member 1948-1961, Chairman 1961 to date.

BAR TO THE GOLD BADGE Mrs M. Bibby Blackburn Branch: Honorary Secretary 1937-1940. Hoylake Guild: Committee Member 1940-1967, President 1967-1977. Liverpool Ladies Lifeboat Guilds: Chairman 1977- 1991.

Mrs J. M. Butterworth Harrogate Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Honorary Treasurer 1954 to date, Chairman 1971-1974.

Mrs H. M. Wilson Central London Committee: Committee Member 1948 to date, Lifeboat Week Organiser 1948-1970.

Mr T. A. Morris Borth Station Branch: Honorary Secretary 1965-1992.

Mr F. G. Mongey Tramore Station Branch: Honorary Secretary/Honorary Treasurer 1964 -1969, Vice Chairman 1969-1971, Honorary Secretary 1971-1984, Deputy Launching Authority 1984 to date.

GOLD BADGE Mrs M. Robb Arbroath Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Honorary Secretary 1969-1982, President 1982-1991.

Mrs M. Christian New Mills Branch: Honorary Secretary 1966 to date.

Mrs G. L. Dawson Ulverston Branch: Honorary Secretary 1963 to date.

Mrs N. Smith Hepworth and Scholes Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Honorary Secretary 1960 -1991.

Mrs M. Thornton Knaresborough Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Honorary Treasurer 1969- 1974, Chairman 1975 to date.

Mr F. Cockcroft Redcar Station Branch: Honorary Secretary 1964-1981. Saltburn-bythe- Sea Guild: Committee Member 1981-1983, President 1983 to date.

Miss A. Hughes Pontypool Branch: Chairman 1963- 1982, President 1982 to date, Chairman 1988 to date.

Mrs A. Johnson Ashbourne Branch: Honorary Secretary 1966-1985, Committee Member 1985-1987, Chairman 1987 to date.

Mr J. Anderson Fishponds Branch: Chairman 196- 1973,Presidentl973-1988,Chairman 1988 to date.

Mrs M. Wickham Totton Branch: Flag Day President 1950-1974, Flag Week Organiser 1974 to date, Vice Chairman 1979-1983, Chairman 1983-1987, Vice Chairman 1987 to date.

Mrs E. C. Blundell Margate Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Guild Member 1963 to date, Committee Member 1964 to date, Vice Chairman 1966-1968, Chairman 1968-1970, Vice President 1970 -1972, Honorary Secretary 1972-1973, Vice Chairman 1978-1980, Chairman 1980-1982, Honorary Secretary 1987 to date, Vice Chairman 1991 to date.

Mrs P. E. Eldridge Eltham Ladies Lifeboat Guild: Guild Member 1958-1979, Committee Member 1963-1979, Honorary Secretary/ Honorary Treasurer 1978- 1979. Margate Ladies LifeboatGuild: Committee Member 1980 to date, Box Secretary 1980 to date, ViceChairman 1980-1982, Chairman 1982 -1984, Souvenir Secretary 1986 to date, Vice Chairman 1989-1991, Chairman 1991 to date.

Mrs H. Russell Pyrford Branch: Honorary Secretary 1962 to date.

Cllr L. Kenny Kensington Branch: Chairman 1964 to date.

Mrs M. Wheatley Surbiton Branch: Honorary Secretary, 1968 to date.

Mr D. Raven West Wickham Branch: Lifeboat Week Organiser 1965-1969, Honorary Secretary 1969 to date.

Col M. C. Perceval-Price Saintfield Branch: Chairman 1957- 1988, Honorary Secretary 1988 to date.

Mrs J. McCormick Greencastle/Moville Branch: Honorary Secretary: 1966-1991.

Mr F. O. Morgan Ho wth Branch: Branch Member 1966 to date, Administration Officer 1976 -1984.

Mrs V. A. Glanville Schull Branch: Honorary Secretary 1967 to date.

Captain B. Atkinson Aberdeen Station Branch: Honorary Secretary 1970-1989, Chairman 1990 to date.

Mr E. M. Schweitzer Atlantic College Station Branch: Committee Member 1964 to date, Honorary Treasurer 1972 to date, Deputy Launching Authority 1976 to date.

Mr F. M. Hardman Fleetwood Station Branch: Committee Member 1960-1970, Chairman 1970 to date, Administration Officer 1984 to date.

Lt Cdr D. Geldart VRD Hoylake Station Branch: Committee Member 1961 to date, Honorary Secretary 1961-1968, Deputy Launching Authority 1971-1979, Honorary Secretary 1980-1984, Deputy Launching Authority 1984-1991.

Lt Cdr E. Yates, VRD, RNR Llandudno Station Branch: Assistant Honorary Secretary 1963-1970, Deputy Launching Authority 1970- 1977, Honorary Secretary 1977 to date.

Mr W. E. Hay Bangor Station Branch: Honorary Secretary 1965-1973, Honorary Treasurer 1974 to date.

DrT. E.Scully Clogher Head Station Branch: Honorary Medical Adviser 1964 to date.

Mr J. W.D.Taylor Banbridge Branch: Honorary Treasurer 1966-1976, Portrush Station Branch: Honorary Treasurer 1976 to date.

The following recipients were unable to attend the ceremony anil their awards are being made locally.

HONORARY LIFE GOVERNOR Mrs H. Booker Central London Committee: Committee Member 1948-1991.

BAR TO THE GOLD BADGE Mrs P. Reidford Hawarden Branch: Committee Member 1933 to date, Honorary Secretary 1937-1939, President 1980 to date.

GOLD BADGE Mrs M. Horspool Holyhead and District Ladies LifeboatGuild.- Commirtee Member 1952 -1953, Honorary Secretary 1953-1955, Chairman 1955-1972, Vice President 1970 to date.

Cllr Mrs D. Walton, IP Eckington Branch: Founder and Chairman 1966 to date.

Mr D. R. Browne Newcastle Station Branch: Honorary Treasurer 1960-1991..