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Hughie Green's Autograph Session

It was a cold and blustery August bank holiday when the annual life-boat flag day was held in Rhyl this year. A further handicap was the lateness of the bank holiday - fewer people were in the town. The outlook for fund raising was poor, until Hughie Green and his assistant, Monica Rose, came along from the Gaiety Theatre, Rhyl, and made an appeal from the life-boat on the promenade.

After pointing out that he himself had been glad of the services of a life-boat when his yacht was in difficulties near Beaumaris, Hughie Green asked everyone to give as generously as possible. He started the collection by putting a pound on the sheet hi front of the life-boat.

This appeal brought a ready response, but then, as he was leaving the stand, Hughie Green was asked for autographs. His manager, Vic Hallums, immediately exploited this opening by announcing that Hughie Green would sign autographs provided a silver coin was put in the life-boat collection box.

A queue formed at once and for nearly two hours Hughie Green and Monica Rose were kept busy. Postcards of the Rhyl life-boat were also autographed and sold.

As a direct result of this generous giving of time and energy by the famous entertainer, his manager and assistant, the flag day gained at least an extra £50 or £60..