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The S.S. Ardgantock

Yarmouth, and Bembridge, Isle of Wight.—At 7.1 on the morning of the 13th of February, 1954, the S.S.

Ardgantock, of Greenock, wirelessed that she was listing badly and was in danger of foundering twelve miles west-by- south of St. Catherine's Point. At 7.20 the Needles coastguard telephoned the Yarmouth life-boat station, and at 7.40 the life-boat S.G.E. put to sea in a heavy swell, with a fresh south- westerly breeze blowing. She came up with the steamer at 10.10 and found that she had a crew of thirteen and was bound for Poole with a cargo of coal. A tanker was towing her east- wards, and the life-boat stood by until 11.50. The weather had then moderated, and the life-boat returned to her station, arriving at two o'cldck.

The Foreland coastguard had kept the Bembridge life-boat station informed, and at 2.1 telephoned to say the Ardgantock and the tanker were now three miles south-west of St. Cath- erine's Point and to ask if the Bem- bridge life-boat would escort them round Nab Tower to Cowes. At 2.8 the life-boat Jesse Lumb was launched in a moderate sea, with a moderate southerly breeze blowing. She escort- ed the steamer to Cowes Roads and arrived back at her station at 5.30.

The master, officers and crew of the Ardgantock expressed their thanks.— Rewards: Yarmouth, £16 15s. 6d.; Bembridge, £14 10*..