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The S.S. Corrientes

Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.—At 10.45 on the night of the 7th of April, 1953, a wireless message was received stating that a passenger in the S.S. Cor- rientes, of Glasgow, was seriously ill with a perforated stomach ulcer andasking if the life-boat would land him.

The steamer was twenty miles to the southward and was making for Water- ford harbour. At 11.10 the life-boat Annie Blanche Smith was launched with the honorary secretary, Mr. A.

Westcott Pitt, on board. She made for the steamer in a moderate south- westerly breeze and came up with her between seven and eight miles from her station. She took on board the sick man and his wife and landed them at her station at 1.10 early on the 8th. An ambulance was waiting to take the man to hospital. The owners made a donation to the funds of the Institution.—Rewards, £3 15s..