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Mrs. Polly Donkin

MRS. POLLY DONKIN, the most widely known of the fisherwives of Cullercoats who for nearly thirty years have col- lected for the Life-boat Service at the summer exercise of the Cullercoats life- boat, died on the 26th of March after a long illness. She was ninety-three, and an indomitable old lady. When she was already well in the eighties, she had one of her legs amputated.

The collections started in 1922, and year after year Mrs. Donkin collected more than anyone else. Altogether she collected over £1,000. In 1930 she was awarded the Institution's gold badge, the first of three of the Cullercoats fisherwives to receive this award for distingu'shed honorary service. She attended the annual meeting of the Institution in London for its presenta- tion, wearing the fisherwives' brightly- coloured dress, and the traditional shawl. When the Prince of Wales handed the badge to her he asked her: "How do you get the money, Mrs.

Donkin?" Her answer was: "I like to get the money, and I get the money.".