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The S.S. Warren Grove (2)

Arbroath, Broughty Ferry, and Montrose, Angus.—At 12.50 in the afternoon of the 10th of November, 1948, the Arbroath coastguard telephoned the Arbroath life-boat station that the S.S. El Ciervo, of London, had reported that she had picked up three men of the crew of ten of the S.S. Warren Grove, also of London. The Warren Grove had foundered the previous night while bound for Buckie laden with coal, and the men had been picked up eighteen miles east by north of Whiting Ness.

The Arbroath motor life-boat John and William Mudie was launched at 1.30, in a light south-easterly breeze with a ground swell. She searched widely for the other seven men, but only found a life-jacket. She arrived back at her station at 9 o'clock that night.

The Carnoustie coastguard informed the Broughty Ferry life-boat station at 12.47 in the afternoon of the 10th, and the motor life-boat Mona put out at 1.45, fifteen minutes after the Arbroath life-boat had been launched.

She too made a wide search, but found nothing, and returned to her station at 9.25. Then the Usan coast- guard rang up the Montrose life-boat station at 8.5 in the morning of the llth, and suggested that a search be made further to the north and east.

The No. 1 motor life-boat The Good Hope was launched at 8.30, in a mod- erate south-easterly breeze, with a choppy sea, and late in the afternoon found the body of the captain nine miles south east of Gourdon. She also picked up a tank from a ship's life-boat, but found no one alive. She arrived back at her station at 6.30 in the even- ing.—Rewards: Arbroath, £19 3s.; Broughty Ferry, £21 10s.; Montrose, £27 19s..