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The S.S. Amiral Aube (1)


—A message was received at Walton-onthe- Naze by telephone from the Gunfleet Lighthouse, on the morning of the 14th January, stating that a steamer was flying signals of distress 2J miles S,E. of the lighthouse. A fresh breeze was then blowing from W., the sea was moderate, and the weather hazy. At 9 o'clock the Lifeboat Honourable Artillery Company was launched and proceeded under sails and oars to the steamer, which was reached at 10.45. She was the s.s. Amiral Aube, of Havre, laden with coal, coke, etc. The master at first refused any assistance but afterwards engaged the Life-boat men to jettison some of the cargo in order to lighten the vessel. The crew of the private Life-boat True to the Gore, of Walton-on-the-Naze, which had also put off to the vessel, were similarly employed, At 6.32 on the following evening a telephone message was received at Margate from the Kentish Knock Light-vessel stating that signals of distress were being shown by the Long Sand Light-vessel.

At 6.53 the Life-boat Civil Service No. 1 was launched, and sailed to the Long Sand, which was examined for a distance of above twelve miles, but no vessel requiring assistance could be found. Lights were then seen to the westward, and the boat at once altered her course, and on arriving at the Amiral Aube the services of that Boat's crew were secured to help in the work of throwing cargo overboard. "With the assistance of several steam-tugs, the vessel was got off the sands on the afternoon of the 17th* January and was towed to Harwich, the Life-boats returning to their respective stations..