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The S.S. Escurial

HAYLE, CORNWALL. — The Life-boat K F. Harrison was called out to the assistance of the s.s. Escurial, of Glasgow, |which, having been disabled in a heavy gale, drifted ashore off Portieath. on the 25th January. The boat was taken on her carriage to Portreath, a distance of about eleven miles, and was launched with considerable difficulty, the water being low and the beach being soft. A strong gale was blowing from N.N.W.

with a terrific sea. She had got about fifty yards from the beach when she was struck by a sea on the port bow. At that critical time one of the ship's crew was seen in the water, and while rescuing him the boat was thrown broadside-on; all endeavours to get her head again to the sea failed,- and she drifted broadside-on to the beach. An attempt was made to launch her again, but the soft state of the sand, into which one of the wheels of the carriage sunk, rendered it of no avail.

Every assistance was rendered by those on shore by rushing into the snrf to rescue the shipwrecked men, who were seen swimming from the ship, and by these means seven of them were saved, but unhappily eleven others lost their lives in attempting to reach the land..