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A Steam-Launch

SIDMOUTH.—On the morning of the 23rd May H.M.S. Lively, with the DUKE and DUCHESS of EDINBURGH and suite on board, arrived off Sidmouth, and came into the bay, in order that his Royal Highness might land and inspect the Coastguard Station. Shortly after nine o'clock a steam pinnace was lowered from the Lively, and the DUKE and DUCHESS,' Lady HARRIET GRIMSTON, and Mr. H. H. RICKARD, E.N., proceeded in it towards the shore. An increasing swell was rolling in from the S.E. at the time, and as the steam-launch neared the land she was struck by a sea, which nearly capsized her. The Life-boat Rimington, which had been got out in readiness for inspection by his Royal Highness, was at once launched and proceeded alongside, when the DUKE and DUCHESS and their party were taken into the Life-boat and safely landed, the boat only shipping a little spray as she grounded on the beach. There is no doubt that considerable risk would have attended any attempt to land from the launch, as this beach is rather a dangerous one, when there is any sea on, on account of its steepness.