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Date: Summer 2000

Volume: 57

Issue: 553

Great news for people aged 50 and over Biff -— r Competitive Home Insurance If you are aged 50 or over Saga Home Insurance is worth looking into. With so much included as standard, plus a range of excellent additional options, you can...

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A faster lifeboat for London

Date: Autumn 2011

Volume: 61

Issue: 597 Lifeboat Magazine Autumn 2011

The next generation of E class lifeboat can now be seen on the Thames. Hurley Burly is the first of three new E class lifeboats to be shared by Tower and Chiswick Lifeboat Stations. Two more are due to join our fleet in...

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Date: Autumn 2017

Volume: 61

Issue: 621 Lifeboat Magazine Autumn 2017

Our lifeboat crews and lifeguards carry out thousands of rescues every year (see launches on page 32). Here are just some of those caught on camera, and see the list below for more reports:

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Date: Autumn 2018

Volume: 61

Issue: 625 Lifeboat Magazine Autumn 2018


Last October, thousands of RNLI supporters shared hearty meals to honour the brave crew who miss dinners and special moments with loved ones to save lives at sea. The funds they raised through Fish Supper...

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Notes of the Quarter

Date: Spring 1981

Volume: 47

Issue: 476

IN HIS SPEECH to the governors of the Institution at the annual general meeting held at the Royal Festival Hall on May 12, the Duke of Atholl, chairman of the RNLI, reported that 1980 had been a year of great achievement for the RNLI, with...

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Some Ways of Making Money

Date: Winter 1974

Volume: 43

Issue: 447

For the past two years, Mrs Patricia Duncan has held hunter trials in her garden in aid of the RNLI. Her daughter and gardener made the jumps—last year they even achieved a water jump, as well as different shapes and styles through the woods...

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Date: March 1961

Volume: 36

Issue: 395

Port St. Mary, and Port Erin, Isle of Man. At 11.10 on the morning of the 23rd of December, 1960, the coastguard informed the honorary secretary at Port St. Mary that fire had broken out on the lighthouse on Chickens Rock. It had been...

Porthcawl to Fishguard

Date: Winter 2001

Volume: 58

Issue: 555

It would have been easy to prolong our stay at St Donat's Castle and learn more of the work of the world famous United World College of the Atlantic and its multinational student population, but time and the seasons are moving on and, if...

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The Material Revolution

Date: Winter 1989

Volume: 51

Issue: 507

"he days when wood was the automatic choice of material from which to build a lifeboat have long gone - today aluminium, steel and a new generation of composites are providing the solutions to technical problems. James Paffett explains ...

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Notes of the Quarter

Date: Spring 1973

Volume: 43

Issue: 444

'A YEAR of intense activity and gratifying success for the lifeboat service" is the phrase used in the RNLI's report to describe the happenings in 1972. The facts certainly justify this. The total number of lives saved, which is...

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