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Services of the Life-Boats. Reported to the April, May, June and July Meetings of the Committee of Management

Date: October 1939

Volume: 31

Issue: 339

Launches 124. Lives rescued 106.

April Meeting.

Blyth, and Newbiggin, Northumberland.

—On the 23rd December, 1938, the Blyth motor life-boat rescued three of the crew of the s.s. Skaru...

Category: Services

A Catamaran and a Dinghy

Date: Autumn 1981

Volume: 48

Issue: 478

Catamaran aground THE DEPUTY LAUNCHING AUTHORITY of Morecambe lifeboat station was told by Helmsman Keith Willacy at 1515 on Saturday June 6, 1981, that a catamaran aground in the bay had been reported to him; her crew had not been accounted...


Date: Autumn 2004

Volume: 59

Issue: 570

Scottish crews out in numbers Ravaged by remnants of the hurricane season, the British Isles were soaked and windswept in late summer 2004. At the end of one of the wettest Augusts on record, the rough sea conditions off the northern tip of...

Four Double Rescues

Date: November 1925

Volume: 26

Issue: 285

IT does not often happen that the same Life-boat goes out to the help of the same j vessel twice over within, a short time, but this has happened recently in the case of four vessels.

On 29th December of last year the,...

Category: Services

Notes of the Quarter

Date: Autumn 1980

Volume: 47

Issue: 474

THE DUKE OF KENT, President of the Institution, visited the RNLI headquarters and depot at Poole on Tuesday morning, October 7, attended by his Private Secretary, Lt-Cdr Richard Buckley, and accompanied by HM Lieutenant for Dorset, Col Sir...

Category: Articles

Isle of lifesavers

Date: Summer 2013

Volume: 61

Issue: 604 Lifeboat Magazine Summer 2013

Meet the men and women flying the lifesaving flag on the Isle of Man 190 years on ...

Norman Quillin
Ex-Coxswain/Mechanic, Port St Mary<...

Category: Articles

Services of the Life-Boats. Reported to the September and October Meetings of the Committee of Management

Date: November 1934

Volume: 29

Issue: 320

Reported to the September and October Meetings of the Committee of Management.

September Meeting.

Broughty Ferry, Angus.—At 11.45 A.M. on the 18th June the honorary secretary received a telephone...

Category: Services

Leigh Hall

Date: 1939

Volume: War Years

Issue: 1939

JAN. 1 8TH. - WALMER, KENT. At 5.18 A.M. a message was received from the Deal coastguard that flares had been seen about six miles south-east from Ramsgate.

A strong S.W. breeze was blowing, with a heavy sea and squalls of...

Belle Souris and Kaloma

Date: Autumn 1980

Volume: 47

Issue: 474

Two yachts ON SUNDAY June 1, 1980, at 1732, Portland Coastguard reported to a deputy launching authority of Swanage lifeboat station that red flares from one or two yachts had been sighted about five miles south of St Alban's...


Date: Summer 1976

Volume: 44

Issue: 457

Re-count . . .

In a branch house-to-house collection two boxes may, rarely, be found to contain the same amount when opened, but how about this ? Two collectors worked on the opposite side of each road in their area,...

Category: Correspondence